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The Romanian Intelligence Service, via its National Intelligence Academy organizes, during May 25-29, 2015, the second editio [...]

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General information about the program

 The “Security in the Black Sea Region. Shared challenges, sustainable future” program is organized by the Romanian Intelligence Service, through its ”Mihai Vitezul” National Intelligence Academy, in partnership with Harvard University, USA. The program has also extensively benefitted from the academic and logistic support offered by The US National Intelligence University (NIU) as well as, at a national level, the Romanian Presidential Administration. 

The program is addressed to middle and high rank officials, foreign affairs specialists and policymakers, leaders and representatives of the governmental sector from the countries in the Black Sea Region, as well as their strategic partners. Its goal is to foster an enhanced level of understanding and expertise, on the most significant challenges we are set to address in the coming period throughout the region, from energy security to cyber-crime or terrorism. Embracing the fact that knowledge has always been a factor of social development, it is also our aim to preserve and further develop the shared body of knowledge, a common vision on major opportunities that await us into the 21st century, as well as on the ways in which we can address them   efficiently throughout the region, through coherent security policies.

Program values include open discussion, teamwork, creative and forward thinking, initiative, mutual understanding and respect.